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Security Camera Viewer
Easy-to-use IP video recording software.
Security Camera Recorder is a program that executes video recording in company, warehouse, or at home. The program uses user-friendly interface combining easy setting and operation even if you have no similar experience. Security Camera Recorder can work with most of IP cameras.

Ensure company security: penetration of unauthorized persons to the company area is one of the most common causes of financial and material losses. By video recording and snapshotting functions Security Camera Recorder sufficiently enhances safety level in the company. Control your employees: install the software and record events in your office by means of the IP cameras; connect to cameras through a web interface from around the world to be up to speed on the situation.

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Surveillance cameras recording

Security Camera Recorder enables recording video of the selected cameras preserving the data on your computer or in the cloud. You can view the captured video at any time also by means of the built-in Security Camera Recorder media player. Thus, you always know exactly what is happening in the premises in a time of your absence.
  • Video recording during a day allows you to control the situation in the office or at home;
  • Effective encoder combining minimal loss of image quality with a file of small size;
  • Built-in media player with playback speed control.

Video recording scheduling

The program has a task scheduler providing the video recording scheduling for the definite days of the week or certain dates.

There are examples of the program configuration:
1) For company security: Video recording starts in the evening, and finishes before the working day beginning.
2) For employee monitoring: ip camera recording starts with the working day beginning when employees come to the work and finishes in the evening.

You can choose individual settings of the task scheduler for the certain dates.


Surveillance by means of any web browser, any device

Security Camera Recorder is designed for operating on a computer with Windows operating system. But access to video obtained from surveillance cameras is possible from any device with internet connection. All you need is an internet browser installed on your device. Simply enter special IP to the address bar, and you will see the video picturefrom your cameras. So even if you are in another part of the world, you can see what is taken place in your office or at home.


Simple and clear interface

The ip camera recorder uses user-friendly interface combining easy setting and operation even if you have no similar experience.
  • To add a new camera to the program, in most cases you even don't need to enter IP address. Everything is scanned configured automatically.
  • Monitor multiple IP cameras simultaneously, handy for surveillance reasons, in particular.
  • Reorder and organize camera views for better usability.
  • A history log at the bottom lets you know what Security Camera Recorder is doing, and provides links to recorded video clips.





System Requirements

  • One or more IP cameras.
  • Pentium dual-core or equivalent 2GHz processor or better
  • 2GB or more system RAM
  • Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit),
    Windows 2012, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit).
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