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About SC Software, Inc.  

A security camera software designed to control access and enhance security level in your company and at home.

We specialize in the development of comprehensive solutions that are capable of ensuring protection against unauthorized entry into the business critical facility.

Our programs include Security Camera Viewer, a video and audio monitoring system for office and home rooms. The program is augmented by an effective mechanism for movement detection and system of automatic distribution of messages regarding violation of the security area.

The second product, Security Camera Recorder, is a video recording program, enables to capture all the events owing to several cameras located in different places of premises.

Small and medium enterprises, as well as home customers from upward of 130 countries around the world, are using our products. You can check the effectiveness of the programs for yourself taking an opportunity to download and try our products right now.


Customer Service

If you have a general question or suggestion, send an e-mail to customer service. If you are looking for technical support, please click here.